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What Were the Most-Watched Shows of the 2016-2017 Season?

Mark Harmon, NCIS | Photo Credits: Sonja Flemming, CBS

The final numbers for the 2016-2017 television season are in, and guess what? America still loves its football.

NBC's Sunday Night Football remained the most-watched "show" for the sixth-straight year with an average of 19.6 million viewers, according to TV By the Numbers, and it beat out more football to take the number-one spot. NBC's Thursday Night Football was in second place with just under 17 million viewers. If you'll recall, NBC and CBS split the Thursday night broadcasts this past season; CBS' Thursday Night Football was in fourth place, with 14.5 millions viewers.

So what lucky show was ranked third? That would be NCIS, which drew in 14.6 million viewers on average. The Big Bang Theory placed fifth (14 million), Bull was eighth (11.4 million), and The Voice finished in tenth (10.5 million). A list of the Top 20 most-watched shows is below.

This Is Us Gives NBC the TV Season Ratings Win, but CBS Takes Total Viewers

On the ratings side, football and football-adjacent programming (pregame shows, after shows) took up the top five spots, and The Big Bang Theory finished highest of all non-sports programming. CBS' comedy averaged a 3.1 rating in the 18-49 demo, edging out Fox's Empire (2.8 rating). NBC hit it big with This Is Us in eighth place (2.7), which was followed by The Voice and The Bachelor (tied at 2.4). A list of the Top 20 rated shows is below.

Most-Watch Shows of the 2016-2017 Season
(Numbers are in millions of viewers)
1. Sunday Night Football (NBC) - 19.6
2. Thursday Night Football (NBC) - 16.9
3. NCIS (CBS) - 14.6
4. Thursday Night Football (CBS) - 14.5
5. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - 14.0
6. The OT (Fox) - 13.6
7. 60 Minutes (CBS) - 11.9
8. Bull (CBS) - 11.4
9. Football Night in America Pt. 3 (NBC) - 10.8
10. The Voice - Monday (NBC) - 10.6
11. Dancing with the Stars (ABC) - 10.4
12. The Voice - Tuesday (NBC) - 10.3
13. NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) - 10.1
14. Blue Bloods (CBS) - 9.9
15. This Is Us (NBC) - 9.8
16. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) - 9.6
17. Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) - 9.2
18. Little Big Shots (NBC) - 9.1
19. Survivor (CBS) - 8.4
20. Madam Secretary (CBS) - 8.3

Highest-Rated Shows of the 2016-2017 Season
(Numbers are ratings in the 18-49 demographic)
1. Sunday Night Football (NBC) - 6.7
2. Thursday Night Football (NBC) - 5.2
3. Thursday Night Football (CBS) - 4.8
4. The OT (Fox) - 4.6
5. Football Night in America Pt. 3 (NBC) - 3.6
6. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - 3.1
7. Empire (Fox) - 2.8
8. This Is Us (NBC) - 2.7
9 (tie). The Voice - Monday (NBC) - 2.4
9 (tie). The Bachelor (ABC) - 2.4
11. The Voice - Tuesday (NBC) - 2.2
12. (tie) Modern Family (ABC) - 2.1
12. (tie) Grey's Anatomy (ABC) - 2.1
14. Saturday Night College Football (ABC) - 1.9
15. (tie) Survivor (CBS) - 1.8
15. (tie) The Simpsons (Fox) - 1.8
17. (tie) The Goldbergs (ABC) 1.7
17. (tie) NCIS (CBS) - 1.7
19. (tie) Hunted (CBS) - 1.6
19. (tie) Dancing with the Stars (ABC) - 1.6
19. (tie) 60 Minutes (CBS) - 1.6
19. (tie) Kevin Can Wait (CBS) - 1.6
19. (tie) Football Night in America Pt. 2 (NBC) - 1.6
19. (tie) Lethal Weapon (Fox) - 1.6
19. (tie) Speechless (ABC) - 1.6

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Hannibal Season 4 May Be Back on the Table

HANNIBAL -- "The Number of the Beast is 666" Episode 312 -- Pictured: Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter -- (Photo by: Brooke Palmer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) | Photo Credits: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Of all the heartbreaking TV cancellations of 2015, Hannibal was perhaps the most devastating for its hardcore group of dedicated fans. Now though, it sounds like showrunner Bryan Fuller may have put a Season 4 back on the table.

After NBC broke the news that Hannibal would end after its third season, the cast and writers seemed optimistic that they could possibly shop the show elsewhere. In this time of Netflix and Hulu, cancellations sometimes just means it's time to find a new home for the show, like in the case of The Mindy Project or Nashville.

In the past two years though, there's been no news that Fuller has successfully pitched the show to any networks. He has, however, pitched it to Hannibal's leading men, Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson.

Hannibal's Hugh Dancy Is Hungry for Season 4, but Don't Hold Your Breath

Fuller recently revealed to the podcast Post Mortem with Mick Garris that he's had talks with both stars as well as the show's former executive producer Martha De Laurentiis about a potential Season 4. "I have conversations with Martha De Laurentiis... I have conversations with Mads and Hugh. We're are all excited about the prospect of returning to the story. There's some hurdles to get through... [But] I just had a great idea for Season 4. There's an interesting next chapter in the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter that would be fascinating to unpack. I've shared it with the gentlemen and they're both keen on it."

De Laurentiis now heads up Fuller's American Gods on Starz, which would be an ideal destination for a gory, mind-melding show like Hannibal.

For now, we'll all have to sit on our hands while Fuller and De Laurentiis try to make it work, but if there was ever a show that could rise from the dead after years in limbo, it's Hannibal.

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Adam Pally Is Developing a Comedy Based on a Twitter Account for Hulu

Adam Pally | Photo Credits: Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

Hulu is developing a comedy with former Happy Endings star Adam Pally based on a popular Twitter account, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Pally's Clone Wolf Productions will produce Los Feliz Daycare, based on the Twitter account of the same name run by comedy writer Jason Shapiro. The account takes the form of humorous dispatches from a daycare in an affluent liberal Los Angeles neighborhood and satirizes progressive parenting. Shapiro will write the script with American Dad's Erik Richter, who will serve as showrunner.

Pally has a relationship with Hulu through The Mindy Project, on which he was a series regular and now guest-stars. Most recently, he starred on the recently-canceled Fox series Making History. He also executive-produces Comedy Central's satirical late night show The President Show.

Hollywood doesn't have a good track record of adapting Twitter feeds into TV shows (remember $#*! My Dad Says?), but hopefully this one turns out better if it makes it to series.

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