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5 Toxic Stocks to Avoid This Summer

It's time to unload these toxic stocks from your portfolio.
The Only Lipstick You'll Need Ever Again (Thanks, Nars)

The brand celebrates two decades with a gorgeous collection of new lipsticks and one of our favorite fall campaigns
Reverse Mortgages: Why More Retirees Are Getting Them

Reverse mortgages can help you to plug the gaps in your income.
The Blush Trick You Need to Try ASAP

Not all faces are the same. These blush techniques will give you the perfectly sculpted shape
Is Royal Caribbean Cruising Higher?

Royal Caribbean reports second-quarter fiscal 2015 results Friday. The strong U.S. dollar is sinking earnings, but the addition of new ships in highly profitable markets should keep the shares afloat.
Silverstone's Brother Factors Into the Bergdahl Pot Story

Who knew Alicia Silverstone had a brother? She does, and he apparently runs a pot farmspecifically, one that was busted during a drug raid at which Bowe Bergdahl was present last week in California. David Silverstone, 43, was charged with felony marijuana cultivation and possession for sale, and thrown...
Hulk Hogan Apologizes for Racist Rant

A tweet posted last night by Hulk Hogan seemed to portend serious news: "In the storm I release control, God and his Universe will sail me where he wants me to be, one love. HH." That news was revealed by a WWE statement issued this morning, per Sports Illustrated , that...
Student Activists Look to State Governments When Uncle Sam Looks the Other Way

Student loan refinancing and improved loan servicing are on the agenda of state-level organizers.
Will You Ever Be Able to Retire If You're One of the Millions of Self-Employed Americans?

One-third of all Americans are now in the gig economy. Will they ever get out?
How Do You Know Your Favorite Charity Isn't A Scam?

It's fairly easy to do some homework and determine how a charity spends your donations, but frauds still manage to take in millions each year.
Borrow from retirement accounts for house?

If planning to raid retirement funds for a down payment on a house, know the downside.
10 safest cities for your car

In some metro areas, the odds are incredibly low that your car will be stolen.
Whole Foods 365: The Economics of Discount Organic

Whole Foods Market is expanding its brand to create a chain of discount natural food stores called 365 by Whole Foods Market. With the high cost of producing, shipping and selling organic food, how can some stores sell organic produce for less than others?
How do dividend distributions affect additional paid in capital?

Find out how the issuance of dividends can affect the additional paid-in capital subaccount of a company's balance sheet; review an illustrative example.
How Bill Cosby Got His Quaaludes

How did Bill Cosby get the Quaaludes that he would offer to women "the same as a person would say have a drink?" From a gynecologist and sometimes-plastic surgeon, per a Washington Post report that cites his 2005 deposition . During the deposition, Cosby told a lawyer that Leroy Amar gave...
Avoid The Perfection Trap In Trading

Avoid the perfection trap and make peace with the markets high levels of systematic noise.
Teenage Clerks Brilliantly Foil Would-Be Robber

Best attempted-robbery story in a while: When a guy in a lame disguise walked into a Subway store in Coventry, Rhode Island, and demanded money, the young clerks simply ignored him until he went away, reports NBC News . Or as police put it, "the two teenage employees did not respond...
9 Ways to Quit Sugar for Good

Easy tips to help you cut sugar out of your diet forever.
Elvis Presley's honeymoon house for sale

Elvis and Priscilla called this Palm Springs house home for their first year of marriage.
Making a comeback: Home equity loans, HELOCs

With property values and mortgage rates going up, homeowners eye home equity loans and HELOCs.
Before and After Weight Loss: Once \"Lumpy,\" Now Lean

Cipriana Cuevas discovered a love for running, lost her taste for fast food and pulled off a 60-pound slim-down.
Are savings bonds or CDs better for grandkids?

It'll be years before your grandchildren go to college. What's the best way to help them save?
13 Best Foods for Your Gut Health

Foods with probiotics (the good kind of bacteria) can help you get slim, stay healthy, and feel better than ever.
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Zimbabwe Wants Palmer Extradited for Killing Lion
Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who has incited the ire of people around the world for killing Cecil the lion , may soon be making a return trip to Africa if Zimbabwe has its say. The Zimbabwean environment minister said today that the country is seeking Palmer's extradition "so that he... More >
Latest News
Cops: Dad Put Trash in Room to Mask Smell of Dead Child
An Ohio man who told police he put bags of garbage in his young daughter's room to mask the smell of her decomposing body was granted sole custody of the toddler during a divorce last year. Eric Warfel, 34, of Medina, a suburb south of Cleveland, was ordered held on... More >
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